We are a full service EMS company based in Moldova (near EU border). We mainly work for fast-growing companies from Western Europe. We focus on quality, flexibility and affordable prices. We do everything for a satisfied customer!

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We can rely on our partners to provide you with optimal service and support. BlackSea EMS customers benefit from our ecosystem and have access to the knowledge and services within our partners.

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Power Research Electronics


About us

Blacksea-EMS was founded by the Dutch company Power Research Electronics (PRE). PRE is specialized in DC fast charging modules and LED lighting. The tax climate and our location were for PRE the main reasons to start a production facility in Moldova.

Due to our focus, quality and flexibility, more and more companies are opting for a partnership with Blacksea-EMS. Currently we have 30 full employees and we are growing rapidly. We can quickly scale up for projects due to our production space and freelance personnel.

Marina Morozova
General Manager Blacksea-EMS

Meet us


Marina Morozova

General Manager

Ion Radauța

Production Manager

Vitalie Rotaru

Quality and Purchasing Manager

Natalia Cataraga

Chief Accountant

Victoria Cobza

Accountant and HR

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If you are interested in our products and services or if you are looking for new opportunities/solutions for EV charging or LED systems, we will be glad to have business with you!

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